Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is coaching a form of therapy?

My coaching is absolutely NOT therapy or counseling in any way and it is critically important that this be completely understood. In fact, coaches, whether life or career, are legally prohibited from providing such services. I must and will stop the direction of coaching well before it reaches that realm. I coach, using the principles of Authentic Happiness, aspiring filmmakers to apply their skills in the direction of their artistic dreams.

2) Can you guarantee any particular result?

Obviously not, no more than any doctor or lawyer can.

3) Do you guarantee confidentiality?

Absolutely. Not only will I never divulge anything about the content of our sessions, even the fact that you’ve been coached by me will remain unknown, unless you disclose it.

4) Will you review my work?

If you wish, I will give you my thoughts on something you have written or created. However, there must be some limit on the amount I can review outside of our session time.

5) Can you teach me specific things related to writing or filmmaking?

This would not be the optimal use of our session time. Skills are far better taught in formal programs of study. My coaching starts with the assumption that my clients have already obtained their skill sets.

6) Can you collaborate with me on my work?

No. Offering even the possibility of a collaborative relationship brings in a potential conflict of interest to a coaching relationship.

7) Can you provide me with contacts in the industry?

No. Once again, this is a coaching relationship which is only for working on your artistry.

8) How much do you charge for coaching sessions?

My sessions are two hundred dollars for sixty minutes of coaching time, payable via PayPal.

9) Do you require any contracts?

Absolutely not. It is your decision at any point whether to continue being coached by me or not. However, if any client prefers, I can offer a multi-session package at a favorable rate per session.

10) How are sessions arranged?

Appointments are initially scheduled through the Contact Tab. The appointments themselves will be online. Alternatively, sessions can be in person at an office location in the Arlington, Virginia suburb of Washington, DC for an additional fee of thirty dollars.